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What our clients have to say

David A.

 “After being married for 30 years, it was difficult to understand the financial complexities of dividing assets, responsibilities, and the plan to negotiate a successful separation agreement.  Denisa, listened to my concerns, answered my questions, and was able to devise plan which allowed me to secure a successful agreement with respect and integrity to the many years of marriage.”

Evelyn & Jim M.

 "This was our 2nd marriage. We each brought significant assets into our marriage that we wanted to protect but we also wanted to plan for our joint future. Every time the money talk came up, we argued. Denisa, Thank you for your financial expertise and counseling as you helped us communicate the uncomfortable and come up with a prenup and a joint financial plan that we are both happy with." 


Gary & Linda M.

“Besides being incredibly affordable, professional, and fair, we are walking away from this feeling that the settlement was equitable. Most important, and I was adamant about this from the start, is that we are not adversaries and can still talk to each other. So many people end their marriage hating each other leaving friends, family, and children paying the price.”

United States Magistrate Judge

Dear Ms. Tova:  As a former district court and trial court judge for over 21 years, I want to extend my personal thanks to you for assisting citizens with dividing their finances rationally during their divorce. As a former state district court judge, I handled thousands of divorces and would have loved to have the types of services that you offer in divorce cases that I presided over.”


Jessica Peck, Attorney

"Denisa is a true pro. I trust her judgment and even when we're dealing with a high asset case, she communicates efficiently and ethically. She makes a tough time easier for so many families."

Gretchen & Steve, P.

"Denisa guided us in considering not only our children's schedules but also our work demands; addressed financial costs involved in raising our children beyond immediate expenses, and as a result we were able to create a practical co-parenting plan that was a good fit for our "new" family dynamic."