Denisa, CFP, MBA, CDFA Helped Hundreds with Prenups and Postnups


Prenup or Postnup Consulting


"This was our 2nd marriage. We each brought significant assets into our marriage that we wanted to protect but we also wanted to plan for our joint future. Every time the money talk came up, we argued. Denisa, Thank you for your financial expertise and counseling as you helped us communicate the uncomfortable and come up with a prenup and a joint financial plan that we are both happy with." 

- Evelyn & Jim – former client

"There was a huge disparity between our wealth and an old prenup kept causing lots of conflict in our marriage. We hired Denisa who guided us and facilitated constructive talks, came up with creative financial options and we ended up creating a postnup that made us both satisfied. Thank you Denisa for saving our marriage." ~ Lisa & Jim - former client


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