MEDIATION SERVICES: Divorces & Civil Union Dissolutions

Have you and your spouse decided to part ways and want to have a smart and civil process where you control the outcome and the cost of your divorce? Does any of the following apply to your situation? If so, divorce mediation services are the perfect option for you. Denisa is an experienced mediator with a strong financial background and co-parenting mediation experience, and will help you avoid costly mistakes and litigation in the future. 

  • You own multiple assets and debts (real estate, investments, pensions, business interest, college education plans, pre-marital assets, etc.).
  • You are a dual-income family.
  • You have fluctuating income.
  • You own a business or multiple business interests.
  • You have an interest in an investment company.
  • There is a difference between you and your spouse’s income.
  • You or your spouse are a home-maker.
  • You or your spouse are an active or retired military. 
  • You are a government or city employee.
  • You have children.
  • You have children with special needs.
  • You have a family trust.
  • You feel that your financial situation is simple because you kept everything separate but you want to make sure you are not making any mistakes.
  • You are a same sex couple.
  • You are not legally married but you want to equitably and fairly dissolve your cohabiting relationship.
  • You are interested in having a respectful relationship after divorce
  • The trust has been broken and you do not trust each other but in principle you both agree that you want a civil, inexpensive and fair process.
  • You are divorcing late in life.
  • This is your repeated divorce.
  • You don’t agree on everything 100%.

Denisa prides herself to be extremely responsive and she will help you navigate the entire process to ensure a smooth transition. 

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Guide to a Smart Divorce