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Financial Recovery After Divorce

Divorce is a traumatic event not only emotionally. It can leave lasting financial scars if you don’t take action immediately. Here is about financial recovery after divorce.  Find a counselor/therapist or a divorce coach to help you re-establish a happy and fulfilling...

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Preparing for Divorce

Preparing for divorce...The next step is to decide on a method to dissolve the marriage. Most couples just “lawyer up”, and let the attorneys fight it out. That’s fine – if you want to pay for a war that you may lose anyway, waged by combatants who may be more...

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Health Insurance in Divorce

Health Insurance in Divorce In my last blog we talked the importance of having a post divorce budget as you start negotiating with your soon-to-be-ex. It is the most important step you take in the divorce process because it helps you answer the most important question...

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Post Divorce Budget Your Lifesaver

Part 1: Post Divorce Budget ….is a question that always comes up in my initial consultations. It’s a completely valid concern. There is only so much money to cover two sets of living expenses as you split one household in two. The goal is to get a realistic idea of...

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Divorce?! Which will YOU Be?

Divorce ............the D bomb! Janet Janet was married to Bill for what seems like forever (her own words). Next month would have been their 30th anniversary – the date when they decided on their future, and divided their roles. Bill went to law school while Janet...

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Post Divorce Finances

Divorce is finally over! Now rebuild your post divorce finances Pat yourself on the back – you have finally done it! The worst of the emotional roller coaster is over. Your new life begins. Although that may be true, there are some loose financial ends that need to be...

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Life Insurance in Divorce

Life insurance in divorce is a critically important topic. So let me begin by painting an ugly picture that you will want to avoid. Cathy divorced Dick after 22 years. In the settlement, Dick agreed to pay Cathy spousal maintenance of $3,500 per month for the next 15...

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How to Get a Fair Divorce?

The words “I want what’s fair” come up in every divorce. But is there such a thing, as a Fair Divorce? Here is how to get a fair divorce.... I want a fair divorce! The meaning of these words is what can drive you to a long drawn out court battle and drown you in legal...

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Affordable Divorce Emotionally & Financially

Uncoupling is hard to do, and much more so when it involves dividing a household or time with your children.  In the midst of emotional upheaval, dealing with the financial aspects of your separation can be overwhelming. Since dividing assets is a major source of...

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