Frequently Asked Questions


“Denisa, how is your process different than hiring attorneys?”
“Well that is the KEY difference..that attorneys are not involved. I sit down with divorcing couples as a neutral party and assist them in coming up with their own financial and parenting agreements.
When attorneys are involved – the process fosters adversity and discourages constructive dialogue. Not to mention the fact that it costs a ton of money.


“Wouldn’t hiring attorneys guarantee you get your fair share and justice?”
“No, it wouldn’t because Colorado is a no fault state – it doesn’t matter what your soon to be ex did. You will only get your fair share. You won’t get any more than your fair share just because you hire an expensive attorney. Once thing is for certain – you will get a lot less in the end because you’ll wrack up a ton of legal fees.


“So why is mediation the best option to get divorced?”
“First of, I mediated well over a thousand divorces and have seen success after success, no matter how tough their situation was.

The average cost of divorce with attorneys is $20K per person and lasts on an average 2 years.

The average cost of mediation is a fraction of that and lasts 1-2 months.

But let’s be honest, mediation will not take away the pain of divorce but it will make it hurt less and cost less. Which in turn will help you co-parent better and there will be more money left to divide.