Divorce Mediation Services

divorce mediation services

Your Divorce is NOW a Reality! Do you want a civil process where YOU control the outcome and the cost or let the Judge decide for you?

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If you want to stay in control and spare yourselves and your children an embarrassing, painful, dragged out, and expensive spectacle in court, go with mediation! It is a safe process where you will be equally heard. Denisa, a very experienced mediator and a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, who has helped thousands of couples will help you negotiate an equitable financial and parenting agreements.  She will help you navigate the complicated divorce process quickly, fairly and inexpensively. Read more about our divorce mediation services.

Does any of the following apply to your situation? If so divorce mediation services are the perfect option for you. Work with an experienced mediator with strong financial background and co-parenting mediation experience, to avoid costly mistakes and litigation in the future. 

  • You own multiple assets and debts (real estate, investments, pensions, business interest, college education plans, pre-marital assets, etc.).
  • You are a dual-income family.
  • You have fluctuating income.
  • You own a business or multiple business interests.
  • You have an interest in an investment company.
  • There is a difference between you and your spouse’s income.
  • You or your spouse are a home-maker.
  • You or your spouse are an active or retired military. Please see more info here
  • You have children.
  • You have children with special needs.
  • You have a family trust.
  • You feel that your financial situation is simple because you kept everything separate but you want to make sure you are not making any mistakes.
  • You are a same sex couple.
  • You are not legally married but you want to equitably and fairly dissolve your co-habiting relationship.
  • You are interested in having a respectful relationship after divorce
  • The trust has been broken and you do not trust each other but in principle you both agree that you want a civil, inexpensive and fair process.
  • You are divorcing late in life.
  • This is your repeated divorce.
  • You don’t agree on everything 100%.

Are you interested in mediation but not sure what to expect? Denisa prides herself to be extremely thorough, even Judges agree! She will help you navigate the entire filing process to ensure a smooth transition. Here is how our divorce mediation services work and what you will receive when you work with Denisa:

  • If you decide to move forward with mediation after your brief free initial phone consult, Denisa will discuss your timelines. Her schedule books up very quickly but she likes to set aside a couple of sessions in advance to meet your timeline. After your consult, she will send you an agreement to mediate and a link to make your payment. Once received, she will send you information to prepare for your mediation and schedule your mediation.
  • Prior to your mediation, Denisa will carefully review your financials and organize them into worksheets that will be used during mediation and also in your court filing.
  • In mediated work sessions, Denisa will address all financial and parenting issues and guide you as you negotiate mutually acceptable agreements. It is not uncommon that each person has a different understanding of the family finances, which is why she will educate and provide information so that both parties feel they are making informed decision.
  • She will cover each scenario in detail and show you how various property division and cash flow options will impact your budgets, income, savings and taxes. The same detail will be written into your final agreement for the Judge so that nothing gets kicked back.
  • She will do the same with helping parents craft an effective co-parenting plan. A careful consideration will be given to the children’s daily activities, needs, extra-curricular activities as well as the parents’ schedule. She will help parents negotiate a starting parenting plan centered around the needs of the entire family that causes the least amount of disruption to the children’s lives. She will encourage parents to think about the kind of legacy they want to pass on to their children as they negotiate their parenting time, every day’s decisions and as they set communications guidelines and rules around their allocated time with their children.
  • In Denisa’s mediation sessions, she never splits couples up into two separate rooms like many practitioners prefer to do. Denisa believes that it is an ineffective use of time, it fosters animosity and racks up unnecessary legal fees.
  • Each session has an agenda and runs for 1.5 hours to avoid dragged out ineffective tiresome sessions.
  • She completes your financial disclosures.
  • She will prepare a Memorandum of Understanding that captures all of your financial and parenting agreements in great detail.
  • Denisa does not believe that divorce ends with a Decree, which is why you will be invited for a post-divorce consultation to make sure that your divorce agreement has been fully and properly implemented. See more information about her post-divorce financial planning services here 

Are you unsure if you want to move forward with a divorce because you are afraid how it will impact you financially?

Denisa offers a divorce financial consultation with one spouse called “get smarter session”. In this working session Denisa will help you analyze your financial situation and show you how various property division and cash flow options will impact you financially after divorce. She will guide through steps to start preparing for your divorce. She will also explain about divorce mediation services in case you and your spouse decide to collaborate in dissolving your marriage. See more here

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