Post Divorce Financial Planning

post divorce financial planningMy world was turned upside down after my divorce. I partnered up with Denisa Tova who helped me get on a solid financial footing. Lisa C., divorce client
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Now that you are divorced, did you properly execute your divorce agreement to make sure you don’t end up back in court? I don’t believe that it ends with a Decree. 

Phase 1 of post divorce financial planning: In this phase I will assist you with putting your financial divorce agreements to work and make sure that you:

  • Properly divided up and transferred your retirement and investment accounts
  • That you received your property settlement
  • Updated your beneficiaries
  • Make your ex-spouse the beneficiary only as much life insurance as directed in your final agreement
  • Closed joint accounts and opened individual accounts (bank, credit cards)
  • Transferred titles to real estate and vehicles
  • Re-financed rental property(s)
  • Scheduled quarterly tax payments for your spousal maintenance income and adjusted your withholdings
  • Schedule a reminder to annually exchange your financials and re-calculate your child support

Are you divorced and ready to take charge of your finances and build prosperity fast?

Post divorce financial planning is critical to leave the old you in a rear-view mirror and jump into the driver’s seat. This is your money now and you and only you are responsible for making it last your entire life. It does not matter whether you will be receiving some spousal maintenance, it is only temporary and it is only as reliable as your ex-spouse’s ability to make these payments. Nothing lasts forever.

Divorce does not end with a Decree, it ends with post-divorce financial planning! Say goodbye to the days when you had to ask permission to spend or invest your money and say hello to having the freedom to decide what you do with it. You can’t no longer blame your spouse for bad financial decisions. Educate yourself and arm yourself with the right information. All it takes are a few tried and true financial principles for you to prosper.

Do you want to get rid of debt fast, start investing but you are not a financial expert, nor have the time to navigate the info overload?

I am a firm believer and my clients agree that after Divorce Decree is issued, it is very important not only to properly execute your divorce financial agreement but also to create your own financial plan to rebuild your finances and create a prosperous future. There is an information overload and your time is limited, so partner up with me, a seasoned financial planner and renowned national expert to guide you through it. 

You don’t have a million dollar settlement and feel afraid that many investment advisers will turn you down or you won’t get the service you deserve?

Many people get often turned away by traditional asset management firms with high minimums, you may be pleased to know that with Denisa Tova and her investment team you can now have access to the same quality financial planning and investment management service once available only to the wealthy.”

Phase 2 of post divorce financial planning: In this phase, we will work together on creating a financial and investment management plan that includes:

  • Implementing your post divorce budget
  • Creating a plan to pay off your debts
  • Creating a savings and retirement plan
  • College planning for your children or for furthering your own education
  • Maximizing your investment returns to meet your goals and risk tolerance by actively managing your investment and retirement assets by our experienced investment team.
  • Estate planning to make sure you have basic documents in place to endure a seamless transfer of asserts to your loved ones in the event of your death and that your financial household is taken care of in the event of your temporary incapacity.
  • Annual or more frequent check ups

You want to work with a financial planner / investment adviser but you are afraid that you will be sold products?

My fees will be based on the scope of my services. I do not sell any products or charge commissions. The fee will be either an hourly rate, flat rate or a percentage of your investment assets that will be actively managed. 

My Financial bio and approach to planning

I started a financial planning and investment management practice two decades ago. I’ve been counseling single individuals, families, non-profits, employers and also had to privilege to serve as a resident financial expert to Fox 31 NEWS. My passion is collaborating with my clients as we create a financial road map to create prosperity. We focus on eliminating debt, building up savings, maximizing returns on investments, and protecting assets.  It does not matter what life stage or transition they may be. I am with them every step of the way.

Just like divorce lawyers who close your file when your divorce if finalized, many financial planners won’t communicate with you after they sell you a plan or a product. I believe that the planning is a journey, not a product. We will discuss your goals, prioritize them and create a plan for each goals. I will stay in touch, help you implement my recommendations, hold you accountable and update your plan along the way as your life changes. I pride myself working with multi-generational families, where I started with the grandparents and now working with their grandchildren as a trusted family adviser.