uncoupling cake

Divorce …………the D bomb!


Janet was married to Bill for what seems like forever (her own words). Next month would have been their 30th anniversary – the date when they decided on their future, and divided their roles. Bill went to law school while Janet was a stay-at-home mom – cooking, raising the kids, and cleaning the house. When the kids were grown and gone, Bill would retire and they’d spend their sunset years together, happy, financially secure, and comfortable together. “What a crock of shit!” Janet told me. “Now I’m 54 and instead of looking forward to retirement, I have to think about building a career from scratch.”


Tom is an elementary school teacher who married Barb 22 years ago. Barb is a dental hygienist who is very much at ease with numbers – or so she claimed. Tom left most of the financial decisions up to his wife.  So when Barb suddenly asked for a divorce because “she wanted to find herself”, Tom panicked. He was utterly unprepared. What did they own?  What they owe? How would it impact him financially? He had no idea.

It doesn’t matter what your story is. Of course you’re mad; of course you’re in a crappy situation; and of course your spouse is a jerk. That doesn’t matter. What you do next matters!


YOU CAN BE A SUCKER AND…drown in your pity and anger, hire an expensive bulldog to fight your ex and LOSE …..control over the final outcome and the cost of your divorce


YOU CAN BE SMART, RESPECT YOURSELF, YOUR CHILDREN, YOUR MONEY AND YOUR WELL-BEING, AND…choose with your spouse to resolve this as quickly and cost-effectively as possible, walking away with a mutually agreed upon settlement.

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