A Guide to Successful Divorce


 "So many people act out of anger and hurt and enrich lawyers to their own detriment over divorce. The author explains in very matter of fact language that all the excess emotion is hurtful and does nothing to resolve the issues. It is so important to take an attitude of just the facts and come out with a legitimate and fair settlement. What I appreciate is she gives examples of landmines and things that you don't consider but will cost you in excess of what is fair. I say if you are considering divorce get this book first and arm yourself. The author explains how to save tons of money".

 "This is certainly not your typical book about divorce. This is more about "Peace of Mind" in your divorce settlement. The book talks straight about division of assets, retirement accounts, insurance and other financial issues that have to be addressed in divorce. This is must know information for anyone considering divorce. It was really helpful and informative." 

 " As a marriage therapist I am keenly aware that divorces handled well set both spouses up for a better future. Handled poorly they can set spouses up for lifelong difficulties. Do not get divorced without reading this book. And Do not work professionally with divorcing couples (lawyers, therapists, financial planners) without reading it and suggesting that your clients read it". 

 "FANTASTIC resource for people going through the divorce process. Denisa's experience as a mediator and financial expert is obvious as she talks you through the nuts and bolts of what to do when faced with the reality of divorce. As a marriage counselor and "breakup expert" I know too well how devastated, angry, hurt and scared divorcing people can feel. Denisa's book offers calm guidance on how to separate your emotions from the reality of the situation in order to develop the best course of action for yourself, your kids, and your financial future. I especially love her overall message of how to take care of yourself, meet your needs, and arrive at an equitable deal without firebombing what's left of your relationship with your Ex (or racking up tens of thousands in a protracted legal battle). I routinely recommend this short, direct, information-packed guide to my clients, and I know that it will be helpful to you too".