More and more couples opt for divorce without lawyers and go with mediation. Its smarter, faster and less costly. They are in control, not the courts or lawyers. Plus consider these stats! The average cost of a litigated divorce is $20,000 PER PERSON  and lasts on average 2 years. Mediated divorce costs on average $5,000 TOTAL and lasts 2 months!

Mediation means that couples work with a trained, neutral facilitator to help them reach mutually acceptable agreements related to finances and co-parenting. They are in control. In Colorado, couples can choose to work with a mediator and settle their divorce out of court.

I became a divorce mediator and Certified Divorce Financial Analyst to help couples overcome the problems of divorce and come to an equitable, civil compromise. By working together, I believe that all couples can achieve a respectful and dignified divorce that honors the past while preparing both parties for a successful future.

Here are the reasons why a growing number of divorcing couples chose to divorce without lawyers and seek mediation:

  • Mediators are experts at keeping the decision process constructive in order to produce compromise and resolution. Issues are actually resolved rather than escalated.
  • A mediator can make sure all issues are addressed from the start with no surprises later. All aspects are considered.
  • Mediation encourages dialogue; litigation tends to discourage it. Solutions can be explored.
  • Mediation is cost-effective. The mediation process enables the two parties (rather than the courts or attorneys) to essentially control the costs related to the divorce.
  • Mediators help minimize emotional costs. Mediators do not let conflicts drag on; finding mutually agreeable solutions is what matters.
  • Mediation is a “civilized” alternative to a litigated divorce. It has been called an “adult approach” to divorce. After all, which is the better message to send to any children involved… “I won in court,” or “Mom and Dad worked this out”?
  • Parties tend to have a greater stake in a mediated outcome. Face to face discussions mediated by a professional lead to outcomes that both parties have ownership in and are more likely to honor.
  • Mediation supports healthy co-parenting. The collaborative mediation environment makes it more likely that the parents will continue to put the needs of their children first.
  • Mediation takes a long-term view. This includes tax planning and the financial security of all those impacted—including the children.


Combining divorce mediation with financial planning

Finances can be one of the most complex and divisive aspects of a divorce. As a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, I make sure all parties understand all of their financial options, so I will be sharing financial tips and strategies for divorced or divorcing couples on this blog as well. The goal is for everyone to be able to make informed decisions and arrive at a mutually acceptable settlement.

I always encourage my clients to:

  • Understand how different options will impact their short- and long-term finances.
  • Look for potential pitfalls, unworkable solutions, and costly mistakes.
  • Visualize what their situation will look like after divorce.
  • Create an effective parenting plan

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